Twitter’s Restrictions On Russian State Media Have Successfully Limited Reach Of Content

PARIS, France – Twitter said Wednesday that its interventions against Russian state media have successfully limited the reach of that content, reducing it by 30% on the platform.

The announcement follows Twitter’s effort late last month to curb users’ sharing of Russian state media content. At the time, Twitter said that users had been sharing links to Russian state outlets more than 45,000 times a day, far surpassing the number of shares by actual Russian state media accounts on Twitter.

The company didn’t immediately respond to questions Thursday about how widely viewed Russian state media content may now be on the platform.

Twitter began applying warning labels on Feb.28 to all links leading to Russian state media websites, and it began demoting that content algorithmically. So far, 61,000 tweets have been labeled under the change, the company said in a blog post Wednesday.

Twitter also said Wednesday it has now begun labeling Ukrainian and Belarusian government accounts as being government – run.

Twitter has removed more than 75,000 accounts since the invasion for attempted platform manipulation and inauthentic behavior, the company added, as well as 50,000 pieces of misleading content about the war such as videos falsely purporting to show the Ukraine conflict. Twitter didn’t immediately respond to questions about how much misleading content may remain on its platform has not been removed.

It is not clear whether all of the 75,000 removed accounts had been sharing Ukraine – related content, but Twitter said it did not detect any specific government – coordinated influence operations among them.

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