Yemen’s Houthis To Disclose Details Of New Military Operation Against UAE – Tweet

PARIS, France – Yemen’s Houthi military spokesman said on Sunday evening that the Iran – allied group would disclose within the next few hours details of a new military operation deep inside the United Arab Emirates.

He made the announcement on Twitter but gave no further details. There was no UAE confirmation that the Gulf country was under attack by the Houthis.

The UAE is a regional commercial and tourism hub.

The Houthis launched a deadly strike on Abu Dhabi on Jan.17 and a second foiled missile assault on Monday, after UAE – backed Yemeni militias intervened along frontlines where the Houthis had made inroads last year.

The group, battling a Saudi – led military coalition that includes the UAE, have said they aim to punish the Gulf state for backing militias that blocking their attempts to capture oil – producing regions in Yemen.

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