Saudi Arabia’s AlUla And Saudia Airline Will Launch World’s First Flying Museum

PARIS, France – Saudi Arabia’s Royal Commission for AlUla and Saudia airline will launch on Thursday the ‘Sky Museum’ flight from Riyadh to AlUla, the world’s first flying museum, which will shed light on the archaeological sites of AlUla, the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

The flight will display replicas of AlUla’s artifacts that were discovered by archaeologists in excavations.

Saudi airline will air the Discovery Channel documentary ‘The Architects of Ancient Arabia’, where an international team of archeologists investigate a set of ancient stone structures in Saudi Arabia.

During the Sky Museum trip, the Director of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Research at The Royal Commission for AlUla will introduce the documentary offer commentary on artefacts, and answer questions from  the museum’s guests.

SPA reported Foote saying that there is ‘an enormous amount of work going on in AlUla by teams of local and international archaeologists’, adding that ‘we are only beginning to understand the complex nature of AlUla’s past.

‘AlUla is a hidden gem in the Arabian Peninsula, and we continue to unravel its secrets little by little. I look forward to sharing more information about our work for passengers on Saudia’s Sky Museum flight’, she said.

‘AlUla Moments’

Saudi Arabia’s AlUla will launch its third winter festival season, ‘AlUla Moments’, on December 21 and will include four festivals, Amr al – Madani, the CEO of the Royal Commission for AlUla, said at the fifth annual Future Investment Initiative (FII) Summit in Riyadh.

‘On December 21, we will begin our third festival season. Under the banned of ‘AlUla Moments’ we will be launching four uniques festivals: the familiar one Tantora, AlUla arts, AlUla skies, and AlUla wellness’, al – Madani said.

The Winter at Tantora Festival is annual cultural festival first launched in December 2018 in AlUla. The festival includes concerts, culinary experiences, and many activities and events.

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