Hermes Hosts Fashion Show At Paris Airport Hangar

PARIS / France – – French luxury group Hermes International shuttled the fashion press to an airport on the outskirts of Paris for its spring ready – to – wear catwalk show, sending fitted leather crop tops, silky dresses and relaxed trousers down a circular catwalk set up in a hangar.

Robert cameras whizzed around the runway and dropped from the ceiling, filming the models as they marched past the audience seated on a platform at the center of the space.

Paris Fashion Week, which runs through Oct. 5, has kicked into full swing this season with dozens of labels holding in – person shows following months of disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hermes women’s ready – to – wear creative director Nadegen Vanhee – Cybulki added modern touches to her feminine silhouettes, with paper – bag waist on long skirts and trousers.

In a not to the house’s tradition as a saddlery maker, tops, and jackets were embellished with discrete leather buckles and studs, while yellow jackets in leather brightened the muted palette of neutral colors.

For the finale, the bronze – hued panel serving as a backdrop rolled to the side, offering an open view on the runway of the Bourget airport, a hub for private jets.

The model lined up and were facing the audience when an airplane landed.

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