Cyclone Shaheen Approaches Oman, Flights Delayed

Tropical Cyclone Shaheen bore down on Oman on Sunday, prompting authorities to delay flights to and from the capital, Muscat, and to urge residents to evacuate coastal areas.

A child who had been swept away by water was found dead, the state news agency said, and another person was missing.

The eye of the storm was about 60km (40 miles) from Muscat and it was carrying top winds of 120kph (75mph) or more, a joint statement by the country’s hazard, weather and civil aviation agencies said.

The storm’s center was expected to hit land during the late afternoon and evening, bringing very high winds and heavy rainfall,  but the outer bands of the system were already being felt.

The national emergency committee said the power supply would be cut in al – Qurm, east of the capital, to avoid accidents. More than 2,700 people were put up in emergency shelters.

Most of the oil – exporting country’s five million people live in and around Muscat. Roads in the capital would be open only to vehicles on emergency and humanitarian journeys until the storm dies down, authorities said.

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