Harry And Meghan Criticised After Flying Home On Private Jet Following Climate Change Speech

Paris/France – – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been accused of ‘shooting themselves in the foot’ after returning home on a private jet following a whirlwind three day tour around New York City.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have returned to their California mansion after appearing in public for the first time since the birth of their daughter Lilibet.

The pair attended the Global Citizen Live concert in New York to raise awareness on climate change, vaccine equality and famine – demanding new eco laws to halve US emissions by 2030.

They then few on a Dassault Falcon 2000 jet back to their mansion in Montecito, California.

A flight on private jet from New York to California is estimated to produce 17 tonnes of carbon emissions, The Sun reported.

The average carbon footprint per person in the UK is 12.7 tonnes.

‘I do think this is hypocrisy. I’m sure there were plenty of scheduled flights’, royal author Penny Junor  told The Sun.

‘I do not understand why they are behaving as if they are superstars. His father has been known to take scheduled flights. His brother takes scheduled flights’.

She added: ‘This totally muddies the waters of their climate message. They are shooting themselves in the foot by taking private flights’.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have long been climate change activists.

Last year, Meghan raised the issue of climate change when she took part in the ‘Girl Up’ 2020 leadership summit where she accused world leaders of not listening to young people flighting against climate change.

In her speech, she said women need to realise that those in power were ‘dependent’ on them and that young people were ‘setting the tone for an equitable humanity’.

In May, Prince Harry warned that mental health and climate change were ‘the two most pressing issues’ society if facing.

‘Climate change is really playing a huge part in this as well as social media, and we just don’t’ he said.

‘I mean, I know lots of people out there are doing as best they can to try and fix these issues, but that whole sort of analogy of walking into the bathroom with a mop when the bath is over – flooding, rather than just turning the tap off.

‘Are we supposed to accept that these problems are just going to grow and grown and grow and then we’re going to have adapt to them and build resilience amongst the next generation and the next generation and the next generation?’

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