Saudi Arabia’s Cabinet Calls Houthi Attempted Attack On Abha Airport ‘A War Crime’

Riyadh / Saudi Arabia – – Saudi Arabia’s Council of Ministers, chaired by King Salman bin Abdulaziz, condemned on Tuesday the Houthi Attempted Attack on Abha Airport, saying it constituted as was a crime, the Saudi Pres Agency (SPA) reported.

The cabinet considered the Houthi two attempts to attack Abha International Airport ‘in a systematic and deliberate manner … as a continuation of hostilities and a war crime targeting travelers of different nationalities and airport employees’, SPA reported.

Eight staff members of the Abha International Airport in Saudi Arabia were injured when the Arab Coalition intercepted a drone that was targeting the airport on Tuesday, the coalition’s spokesman Brigadier General Turki al – Maliki said earlier.

The attempt attack come just hours after the Iran – backed Houthi militia has launched an explosive drone towards the airport.

‘At (0906) Tuesday (31 August 2021), a second attempt to target traveling civilians and staff at Abha International Airport by the terrorist, Iran – backed Houthi militia using a bomb – laden drone was thwarted’, Al – Maliki said in a statement.

Shrapnel, or fragments of the drone, scattered around the premises of the airport when it was destroyed by the coalition, injuring the staff members.

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